Six Generations of First Daughters (1965)

In 1965 what could be best described as a rare moment occurred in my family, with the taking of a photo that went on to be published in a local news paper in Oregon, USA. The article was entitled “Six Generations of First Daughters,” as the photograph consisted of six generations of women in my family that were first daughters. The following photograph is the one that appeared in this article.

Six Generations of First Daughters

Seated in the front row from left to right are: Crystal (Graber) Friederich, Tirzah (Stephens) Martin, Gloria (Lapham) Graber, who is holding Tracy Friederich. Standing in the back row from left to right is Alice (Wellin) Graber and Lois (Agee) Wellin.

The Six Generations of First Daughters is as follows:

  1. Tirzah Olive (Stephens) Martin (1873-1967), who first married Otto W. Agee (1868-1904) and later John Martin (1865-1931), her third husband. Tirzah and Otto had four children together: Lois, Althea, Clarence, and Leonard.
  2. Lois Beatrice (Agee) Wellin (1897-1983), who married Wilhelm Wellin (1895-1977), a Swidish émigré. Lois and Wilhelm had four children together: Alice, William, Calvin, and Herbert.
  3. Alice Lucretia (Wellin) Graber (1916-1985), who first married Theodore Lapham (1910-1955) and later Willard Graber (1918-1988). Alice and Theodore had three children together: Gloria, Margaret, and Jacqueline.
  4. Gloria Lois (Lapham) Graber (1933-2008), who married Daniel Graber (1930-2009), the nephew of Alice’s second husband. Gloria and Daniel had two children together: Crystal and Steven.
  5. Crystal (Graber) Friederich (1950-2011), who first married Armo Friederich and later Rodney Major. Crystal and Armo had one child together, Tracy.
  6. Tracy Lynn Friederich (LIVING).

I’ve always liked this photo because not only is it unique, but it also shows my great grandmother (Alice), my 2nd great grandmother (Lois), and my 3rd great grandmother (Tirzah) all in one photo.

2 thoughts on “Six Generations of First Daughters (1965)

  1. Alice Graber is my Great grandmother and Gloria Graber my Grandmother, Crystal is my mother who passed in 2011 and Tracy is my Sister.

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