About Me

Many times when relatives come across my genealogy sites or posts, the first thought in their mind is, “Who is this putting information about or photos of my family on the Internet?” So, here is a little bit about me.

My name is William Kernan, and I am the grandson of William George Kernan (Living), Margaret Ann Lapham (1936-2004), Harry Loyd “Lee” Hamilton (Living), and Alberta Sebok (Living), whose genealogies and family histories are the focus of this website. I currently live in California, USA, and I’m in my 40’s. (I mention my age because I’m often mistaken for my Grandfather or Father, both of whom are also named William, by relatives who find my postings and information on other sites related to family history and assume that someone my age wouldn’t be involved in something like genealogy.)

I have always had an interest in history. There is just something compelling about the past. Whether it’s U.S. history, European history, art history, or natural history, history is interesting to me. Despite my interest in history, and the fact that I found family oral history to be fascinating when it came up, I became interested and involved in genealogy through a research course I took while in college. Since then, I have continued researching my family history when I’ve had the time in order to fill in gaps and compile a more complete history. Although I have other interests apart from genealogy and history in general, I must admit that what people say is true, genealogy is addictive.

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Published 05/21/2017. Last Updated 06/02/2019.