While reading through the genealogies and family histories found on this website, it is important that you keep in mind several significant facts.

1. Scope of this Website: This website is about the genealogies and family histories of my paternal and maternal grandparents. As such, it is focused on the lives of specific people, and not Kernans, Laphams, Hamiltons, or Seboks in general. This website, therefore, is not a single (or multiple) name study, nor does it present the history and genealogies of all those who bear these surnames. I have received several comments and emails in the past expressing opinions about the information found on one or more of the families discussed on this website because it does not match the sender’s own family history. Although it is always interesting to learn about other people’s family histories, this website is focused on my own.

2. Accuracy of this Website: family histories and genealogies are always a work in progress and are based on available information. Nevertheless, every attempt has been made to be as accurate as possible, in both facts and oral accounts. Although official records were used and are referenced throughout, other information comes from oral history. Thus, many people have helped in compiling the histories and genealogies found on this website. They have provided oral family history, family documents, some records, and photographs. I have endeavored to be faithful to both what they have provided and what is revealed by research. (Please view the “Acknowledgements” page for more about this.) If, moreover, you are related and have further information, corrections, records, or photographs, please contact me.

3. Use of Private Information: Every effort has been made to exclude personal information of living persons. If you are related and notice that a particular member of your family is not mentioned, it is likely because they are still living or I believe they are still living.

4. Copyrighted Material & Fair Use: In some instances material that is or could be considered to be copyrighted material is used, usually in the form of quotes. However, a good faith effort has been made to comply with the “fair use” clause of U.S. Copyright Law. Any copyrighted material used here is (a) not used for commercial gain and used exclusively for educational purposes; (b) used in limited amounts in comparison to the published source; and (c) full credit of the original source is stated where material is used. If there is an issue regarding the use of any such material, please contact me.

5. Advertisements: Advertisements may appear on this website, usually at the top, along the side, toward the bottom of pages or throughout the text of pages. They may also appear as a small popup. These advertisements are placed randomly by the host company of this website, WordPress.com, who solely benefit from them. Because of this, I have no control over their presence. Additionally, I have no control over the content of any of the advertisements that appear on this website. As WordPress.com states:

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Published 05/22/2017. Last Updated 06/02/2019.