Hamilton Related Branches

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The following is an alphabetical list of related branches in the ancestry of my maternal grandfather, Lee Hamilton (LIVING).

The table consists of three columns. The first column, “Related Branches,” alphabetically lists those families that married into the Hamilton family prior to my maternal grandparent’s marriage (my maternal grandmother’s family is discussed under the Sebok tab). The second column, “Relationship,” states by whom these branches married into the Hamilton family. The third column, “Other Branches,” alphabetically lists those families that married into each of those listed in the “Related Branches” column. It should be noted that there are more branches, which are related to those listed in “Other Branches” column, but I have not created pages for them.

To view available information for each of these families, which includes details about their origins, surnames, and known generations, please click on the bulleted links below, or select from the menu tab above.

Related Branches Relationship Other Branches
  • Catlin
My 3rd Great Grandmother Lucretia’s family
  • (None Known)
  • Lightcap
My 2nd Great Grandmother Jennie’s family
  • Galatin / Gallatin
  • Gemelin / Gemlin
  • Gilbert
  • Houseworth / Hauswirth
  • Saunders
  • Worthington
My Great Grandmother Goldie’s family
  • Brick
  • Brooks
  • Couch
  • Gifford
  • Green
  • Hill
  • Hobson
  • Lester
  • Matthews
  • Owen
  • Taylor

3 thoughts on “Hamilton Related Branches

    1. Hi. Would it be possible for you to email me any details you feel comfortable about your father and mother? I have no details on this particular line of the Worthingtons. Is your father still living?

      1. My father Don George Worthington lived with my mother Margret O’Rourk also went by Peggy Kelly. they never married but did live in new Jersey, New York In Brooklyn. My brother Gary g. Worthington died in 1960 he was 6 month old. he is in Webb city cemetery. Dons- brothers, Bill is in Mo. J.m. has died his son in texas. and Chuck is in mo. Worthington family mostly from Harrison ark. my e mail is info@danielleleebeauty.com

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