Successfully compiling and writing a family history rests upon not only facts that can be obtained through research, but also personal and compelling details that can only come from oral history. In compiling my family history I have been fortunate, as I have been provided much help by many. Their remembering and sharing what they know and/or what photographs they have has insured not only success in compiling this history, but also that those of whom this history is about are not forgotten.

The following family members have provided a tremendous amount of help: William C. Kernan, Carolyn (Hamilton) Kernan, William G. Kernan, Margaret (Lapham) Kernan, Alberta (Sebok) Hamilton, Irene (Balla) Sebok, Mark Hamilton, Goldie (Worthington) Hamilton, Del (Kernan) Kreisman, Robert Kreisman, Jacqueline (Lapham) Shindler, John Shindler, Ima (Balla) Creech, E.J. Hamilton, Aline (Balla) Goetz, Mark Goetz, Shirley (Balla) Loftin, Barbara (Balla) Murphy, Amy (Thompson) LeBlanc, and Forest Riggs.

Extensive help has also been provided by several family historians and researchers, many of whom are distant relatives: Molly Kernan, a Kernan family historian; David Roddick, a Balla family historian; Ann Blake Hill, a Stearns and related families historian; Phyllis Kitson, a Lapham family historian and author of the newsletter, The Lapham Leader; Carol Freeman Davies, a Lapham family historian; Robert Leishman, a Leishman family historian; Ralph Turner, a Thornton family historian; Connie Barnum, an Agee family historian; Dolores (Graber) Shirts, a Graber family historian; and Mary Jane (Harding) Draeger, a Reynolds family historian.