Genealogy Websites

There are many websites for genealogical research, and the following are some of the ones that I have used. Some of these sites are paid sites, which is indicted by a “($)” following the name of the site. Although they are paid sites, many of them have free services on them as well. I have organized the websites into categories, so you will need to scroll down the page to view them all. Genealogy Blogscountry specific (non-U.S.) genealogy websites, and surname specific websites are listed separately.

This list, moreover, will undoubtedly be updated as I come across new websites and resources on the Internet. If you have a genealogy site that you use that is not listed below, feel free to share by leaving a comment below.

General Genealogy and Records Websites:

Genealogy Guides and General Information Websites:

DNA Genealogy Websites:

Newspapers & Publications Websites:

Surname Websites:

Census Records Websites:

Immigration Records Websites:

Land Records Websites:

Cemetery Records and Lists Websites:

Military Records Websites:

U.S. States Genealogy Websites:

Family Tree Websites:

Family Tree Generators and Software Websites:

Genealogy Forums Websites:

Special Tools Websites:

Genealogical & Related Societies:

Professional Genealogists Websites:

Genealogy Magazines and T.V. Shows Websites:

Genealogy Stores and Crafting Websites:


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