Genealogy Challenge: Make Funny Genealogy Posters

In his most recent SNGF (Saturday Night Genealogy Fun) post, Genea-Musings challenged us to create our own funny genealogy posters. Although this is not strictly genealogy, I thought I would try it out, particularly since I secretly love Internet memes.

The rules for this challenge are: (1)  Go to the website and choose one or more poster pictures. (2)  Channel your inner genealogist and create one or more posters with a genealogy oriented saying on it.  Be creative!!  Be brave!  Make it funny, or happy, or sad. (3)  Save or clip your creation, then show us your creation(s) in your own blog post, in a Facebook status, or a Google Plus stream post.

I went, perhaps, a little overboard with the memegenerator. 🙂 I made genealogy posters with the “Advice Yoda Gives” meme, “Koala Can’t Believe It” meme, “Science Cat” meme, “Mr. Bean” meme, “Bad Luck Brian” meme, “Philosoraptor” meme, “Challenge Accepted” meme, and “Chuck Norris” meme. Here are my posters:





Previously, I blogged about one of the “Keep Calm” meme generators. Click here to view my post about this meme. Additionally, didn’t have the X-Files “I Want to Believe” meme, so I made one elsewhere as a bonus :):

Genealogy Humor

When looking at recently, I found some humorous (well relatively humorous) genealogy related items that center around a “Professor Ahnentafel.” Here are a few:



Perhaps the most humorous of these is “Prof. Ahnentafel’s Genealogy Creme,” which reads “Because climbing the family tree can be touch on your skin” and “Caution: For external use only. Keep away from naked flame. May cause drosiness. Do not operate machinery. Do not stand by open graves.”

Click here to go to the Zazzle page to view larger versions of these images.