My Ancestral Connection to Christopher Lloyd


Back in October of 2015, many noted the date October 21, 2015 because it was featured in the 1989 film Back to the Future Part II. It was on October 21, 2015 that Doc Brown, Marty McFly, and Marty’s girlfriend, Jennifer, arrive to help Marty and Jennifer’s children. The 2015 world depicted in the film featured hover boards, flying cars, and power lace Nike shoes, which many hoped would be a reality when 2015 rolled around. This box-office hit and now classic comedy stars Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, and Thomas F. Wilson.

Recently I discovered an ancestral connection to Christopher Lloyd, who is an American actor best known for not only his role as Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy, but also for his role as Jim Ignatowski in the television series Taxi. This discovery came when I learned that Lloyd’s mother, Ruth, was a Lapham, and that her family is descended from John Lapham (1635-1710) and his wife, Mary Mann (1640-1712). The following is a chart that shows the decent of both Christopher Lloyd (1938-) and my paternal grandmother, Margaret Ann (Lapham) Kernan (1936-2004), from John Lapham (1635-1710) and Mary Mann (1640-1712).

Christopher Lloyd’s Line: My Grandmother’s Line:
1 John Lapham (1635-1710) m. Mary Mann (1640-1712) 1 John Lapham (1635-1710) m. Mary Mann (1640-1712)
2 John Lapham Jr (1677-1748) m. Mary Russell (1683-1752) 2 Nicholas Lapham (1689-1758) m. Mercy Arnold (1701-1756)
3 Joshua Lapham (1721-1789) m. Hannah Sherman (1727-1797) 3 Solomon Lapham (1730-1800) m. Sylvia Lapham (1737-1805)
4 Nathan Lapham (1761-1846) m. Elizabeth Arnold (1759-1834/5) 4 Duty Lapham (1775-1846) m. Mary Colwell (1772-?)
5 Jesse Lapham (1788-1863) m. Elizabeth Griffith (1798-1878) 5 Benjamin Lapham (1807-1860) m. Cemantha Broadway (ca. 1813-1846)
6 Henry Griffith Lapham (1822-1888) m. Samantha Vail (1826-1905) 6 William B. Lapham (1838-1925) m. Emoline Pauline Reynolds (1844-1886)
7 Lewis Henry Lapham (1858-1934) m. Antoinette Dearborn (1861-1956) 7 Horace Irving Lapham (1869-1927) m. Annie Margaret Leishman
8 Ruth Lapham (1896-1984) m. Samuel R. Lloyd (1897-?) 8 Theodore A. Lapham (1910-1955) m. Alice Lucretia Wellin (1916-1985)
9 Christopher Allen Lloyd (1938-) 9 Margaret Ann Lapham (1936-2004) m. William Kernan (LIVING)

Based on the generations of descent from John Lapham (1635-1710) and his wife Mary Mann (1640-1712) listed above, my paternal grandmother, Margaret Ann (Lapham) Kernan (1936-2004), and Christopher Allen Lloyd (1938-) are 7th cousins. This makes Christopher Lloyd my 7th cousin, 2x removed.

7 thoughts on “My Ancestral Connection to Christopher Lloyd

  1. In researching my family tree – I also made the fun discovery that actor Christopher Lloyd is in my family tree as well! We are 5th cousins 1x removed via his mother Ruth Lapham, daughter of Lewis H. Lapham – then on to . . .
    Henry Griffith Lapham (1822 – 1888) – Father of Lewis Henry Lapham
    Jesse Lapham (1788 – 1863) – Father of Henry Griffith Lapham
    Nathan Lapham (1761 – 1846) – Father of Jesse Lapham
    Joshua Lapham (1721 – 1799) – Father of Nathan Lapham
    Abraham Lapham (1755 – 1836) – Son of Joshua Lapham
    Daniel P Lapham (1784 – 1842) – Son of Abraham Lapham
    Daniel Lapham (1832 – 1902) – Son of Daniel P Lapham
    Charles B Lapham (1858 – 1934) – Son of Daniel Lapham
    Bernice Jeannette (Nettie) Lapham (1897 – 1936) – Daughter of Charles B Lapham
    Charles Kenneth Jones (1927 – 1981) – Son of Bernice Jeannette (Nettie) Lapham
    – – – Charles Kenneth Jones is my father.

    1. Hi Jeri. It is great to get in contact with a Lapham cousin. I always like finding out about famous family connections; and I particularly thought it was cool to have one with Christopher Lloyd. Thank you for contributing your connection.

  2. How are you related to so many famous people? Its crazy. Cool what you can find if you do a little digging. I was wondering what online sources you recommend for ancestry research? I’m kinda a newbie to ancestry research.

    1. Well, most people use the ones with the most records on it. and are two that I use for that reason. is a paid site, while is free. Hope this helps.

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