298 Years Ago Today

On August 10, 1715, two hundred and ninety-eight years ago today, John Stearns (ca. 1692-1765) and Deliverance Bigelow (1695-1762), my 7th great grandparents, were married in Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.

Marriage Record of John Stearns and Deliverance Bigelow
Marriage Record of John Stearns and Deliverance Bigelow

A transcription of the marriage record above reads as follows: “John Stearns and Deliverance Biglow Both of Watertown were joined in Marriag August of 10th 1715 by Mr. Sammuel Argier Minister in Watertown.”

Following their marriage, John and Deliverance remained in Watertown for a few years, where their first two children were born. By about 1720, they relocated to Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, where they had at least nine more children.

7 thoughts on “298 Years Ago Today

  1. Wow; I’m so impressed you’ve managed to trace ancestors do definitively back so far. My tree gets totally murky around the middle of the 18th century. Great post; thanks.

    1. I have branches like that too. I seem to have branches that I can trace back to the 1600s and others I cannot go beyond the 1800s. It is frustrating, but I keep looking for those clues and records that will allow me to trace further back.

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