80 Years Ago Today

On July 18, 1933, eighty years ago today, Harry Carl Hamilton (1891-1960) and Goldia “Goldie” Mae Worthington (1912-2006), my maternal great grandparents, were married in Boone Co., Arkansas.

Marriage Record of Harry C. Hamilton and Goldie M. Worthington
Marriage Record of Harry C. Hamilton and Goldie M. Worthington

An interesting item found on the record for their marriage (shown above) is the fact that Harry claimed he was 38 years old, which would have made his birth year 1895, when he was actually 42 years old, being born in 1891. Although the difference in his real and reported ages is not that significant, perhaps a 38 year old marrying a 21 year old sounded a little better to them (or just Harry) than a 42 year old marrying a 21 year old. It is also possible that Harry made the change in order to prevent people from his past tracking him down, something he wanted to avoid by all oral accounts.

Following their marriage Harry and Goldie lived in Harrison, Boone Co., Arkansas, where they had the first two of their seven children. In about 1941, Harry relocated his family to Oklahoma, where they had their remaining children.

2 thoughts on “80 Years Ago Today

  1. My name is Robert Worthington my father was don Worthington he had a sister who was named goldie who married a man named Hamilton. he was a lot older then her. not sure but story I heard was her father lost her in a poker game, that’s why the age difference was so great…

    1. Hi Robert. Thank you for contacting me. That is an interesting story about how Goldie came to be married to Harry, thank you for sharing it. There was indeed a big age difference between them, about 21 years. I have wondered how they came to be married, but no accounts of this have made there way down in my family. Perhaps what you heard is true–I’ll mention it to my Mom (Goldie’s granddaughter).

      Your father’s line is one I don’t have much on. I am wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing some details–namely your father’s birth/death dates/locations if he has passed away, the same for his wife, and how many children he had. If you wouldn’t mind, my email address is wlkernan@live.com. Any details would be appreciated. It seems siblings lost touch over the years, and I remember someone telling me they thought Don moved to New York?

      Anyway, thank you for contacting me.


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