140 Years Ago Today

On May 29, 1873, one hundred and forty years ago today, Lucretia “Lucy” (Catlin) Heldman (ca. 1829-1873), my 3rd great grandmother, died in Mansfield, Richland Co., Ohio. Following her death at the age of about forty-three, she was buried in Mansfield Cemetery in the Heldman family plot.

Headstone of Lucretia (Catlin) Heldman
Headstone of Lucretia (Catlin) Heldman

Lucretia was the second wife of Johann “John” Adam Heldman (1870-1883), with whom she had seven children, one of which was Rufus Bert Heldman (1870-1944), the grandfather of my maternal grandfather, Harry “Lee” Hamilton (LIVING). Lucretia’s ancestry remains a mystery. Most accounts and some records put her birth location as Connecticut, but it also appears as New York and Massachusetts on others. Connecticut, however, does have a large number of Catlins, some of which did relocate to Ohio. She may be connected in some way to Isaac Catlin, who was born in 1780 in Connecticut and lived in New York before moving to Medina Co., Ohio, where he died in 1856. Medina County is in close proximity to Richland County, being separated by one county, that of Ashland County which has a large number of Heldmans living in it.

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