103 Years Ago Today

On April 16, 1910, one hundred and three years ago today, Thomas Prigmore Stephens (1830-1910), my 4th great grandfather, died in Glendale, Douglas Co., Oregon. According to his death certificate, Thomas died from senility and bronchitis.

Death Certificate of Thomas P. Stephens
Death Certificate of Thomas P. Stephens

Following his death, Thomas was buried in Glendale Masonic Cemetery in Glendale, Douglas Co., Oregon on April 19, 1910.

Headstone of Thomas P. Stephens
Headstone of Thomas P. Stephens

Thomas was born in 1830 in Tennessee the son of Phillip Burnett Stephens (1797-1860) and Mary Ann Oliver (?-?). In 1852, Thomas left Missouri for Oregon, settling first in Yamhill Co., Oregon, where he married Anna Elizabeth Thornton (1842-1925) in 1857. Thomas and Anna had eleven children together, one of which was Tirzah Olive Stephens (1873-1967), who married Otto W. Agee (1868-1904) and was the mother of Lois Beatrice Agee (1897-1983), the wife of Wilhelm Percy Wellin (1895-1977). Lois and Wilhelm were the parents of Alice Lucretia Wellin (1916-1985), who was first married to Theodore “Ted” Alexander Lapham (1910-1955). Alice and Ted were the parents of my paternal grandmother, Margaret Ann (Lapham) Kernan (1936-2004).

3 thoughts on “103 Years Ago Today

  1. I always enjoy your posts. I am amazed by the amount of wonderful research that you do. It must take a lot of time to find the dates of key events that distributed across the year–and then to do the background research to write the posts.

    1. Thank you very much. It takes me some time, but not as much as it probably would have before the invention of family tree software. I currently use 2009 Family Tree Maker. I have purchased a new version with has a feature that actually shows you all the events in your family tree that occurred on a specific date–how neat is that? 🙂

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