Fearless Females Challenge: March 23 – Create a Timeline

The following post continues the month long Fearless Females Challenge by Lisa Alzo, author of The Accidental Genealogist blog, which is focused on “celebrating and honoring ‘fearless females’ in our family trees” to mark National Women’s History Month, which is the month of March, with a post responding to unique prompts for each day of the month. (Note: Because I started this challenge late, I will be continuing it beyond March 31.)

Prompt for March 23 — Create a timeline for a female ancestor using your favorite software program or an online timeline generator such as OurTimelines.com. Post an image of it or a link.

For this challenge, I chose to create a timeline for Anna Elizabeth (Stålberg) Lowenburg (1869-1918), my 3rd great grandmother.

Anna’s life has always been interesting to me. At a young age her mother died and her father remarried. As a teenager, she ran away from home, ending up in Göteborg, where she had two children outside of marriage. Oral family tradition states that Anna was a maid in Göteborg, where she met and conceived at least one child, my 2nd great grandfather Wilhelm Percy Wellin (1895-1977), with “the King of Sweden” (possibly Gustav V). My research into Swedish records show that she was indeed a maid in Göteborg, which was a city that the Swedish Royal Family at the time frequently vacationed in. Of course, there is no evidence of a relationship between her and any member of the Swedish Royal Family. I discussed this family history mystery in a prior post, “Genealogy Challenge: Who Is Your Most Recent Unknown Ancestor?

Timeline for Anna (Stålberg) Lowenburg (1869-1918)
Timeline for Anna (Stålberg) Lowenburg (1869-1918)

The above timeline for Anna was captured from Family Tree Maker 2009, which I currently use. I own Family Tree Maker 2012, but have not yet made the switch. I have read online articles that state that FTM12 has the ability to create timeline reports, which FTM09 does not. The timeline, moreover, shows the major events in Anna’s life (in green), as well as major family events, including the births of spouses and children (in pink).

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