167 Years Ago Today

On March 26, 1846, one hundred and sixty-seven years ago today, Duty Lapham (1772-1846), my 5th great grandfather, died in Hamilton, Madison Co., New York. Following his death, he was buried in Smith Valley Cemetery in Lebanon, Madison Co., New York.

Headstone of Duty Lapham

Headstone of Duty Lapham

Duty Lapham was born in about 1772 (some put it as about 1775) in Gloucester, Providence Co., Rhode Island the son of Solomon Lapham (1730-1800) and Sylvia (Lapham) Whipple (1731-1805). Duty was first married to Mary Colwell (1772-1808), with whom he had at least six children, including Benjamin Lapham (1807-1860), my 4th great grandfather; and later to Amanda (Pease) Wheeler (177-1869), with whom he had at least three children. In the History of Madison County, State of New York by L. M. Hammond, Duty is mentioned as “one of Madison County’s pioneer settlers, whose name is honorably and well known from an early period by the inhabitants of Hamilton” (pg 419). He is also identified as being a Deacon of the First Baptist Church of Hamilton, which his headstone notes with the abbreviation “Dea.” above his name.


2 thoughts on “167 Years Ago Today

  1. What a lovely name – Duty. I see he became a leading light of the Baptist Church, but did he come from a Baptist or Quaker family? They tended to go in for those kind of names.

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