110 Years Ago Today

On February 26, 1903, one hundred and ten years ago today, Albert Sebok (1903-1968), my maternal great grandfather, was born in Székelyzsombor, Udvarhely, Kingdom of Hungary, Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Jimbor, Romania), the son of Frank Sebok (1875-1951) and Roza Peto (1871-1937).

In 1905, when Albert was two years old, he and his mother joined his father in America, settling first in the East Chicago and Gary areas of Indiana, where Albert grew up. The family relocated to California in the 1920s.

Frank Sebok with his son Albert
Frank Sebok with his son Albert

It is interesting to note that the earliest record I have showing the birth of Albert Sebok is his 1919 baptismal certificate at the Hungarian Reformed Church in East Chicago, Lake Co., Indiana. This hand written certificate states that he was born in Székelyzsombor, Hungary, but on February 27, 1903 instead of February 26 like all other records for Albert. Having no official birth record, due to the general inaccessibility of records in Hungary, it is unclear which birthdate is correct.

Albert Sebok's Baptismal Certificate
Albert Sebok’s Baptismal Certificate

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