141 Years Ago Today

On February 21, 1872, one-hundred and forty-one years ago today, Jennie M. Lightcap (1872-1905), my 2nd great grandmother, was born in Prairie, Holmes Co., Ohio the daughter of Samuel S. Lightcap (1844-1893) and Sarah Jane Saunders (1842-1887).

Jennie Lightcap Birth Record
Jennie Lightcap Birth Record (Left Side)
Jennie Lightcap Birth Record (Right Side)
Jennie Lightcap Birth Record (Right Side)

Jennie grew up in Holmes, Wayne, and Richland counties in Ohio where her father was a machinist and then an auctioneer. In 1890, Jennie married Rufus Bert Heldman (1870-1944) in Richland Co., Ohio. Together, Jennie and Rufus had four children, one of which was Harry Carl Hamilton (1891-1960), my great grandfather, who changed his name to serve in World War I.

6 thoughts on “141 Years Ago Today

    1. I think that is interesting. I don’t think I have any Amish in my tree, though–through a different line (my Graber branch) I do have some Mennonites. I wonder if you and I have any ancestors in common, give our intersecting here and there. 🙂

    1. I have some information about his service during WWI, but not a lot. Information I have been able to find suggests he served in France. Oral family history states that he was a cook, and that he may have been injured, spending some time in a hospital after returning to the United States. I do not have real specifics yet.

      1. Maybe by getting his military record, you’d be able to get some info on his regiment etc.

        If you manage to have some info, just let me know as I go sometimes to the French military archives where I could get some info on his whereabouts etc.

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