94 Years Ago Today

On January 1, 1919, ninety-four years ago today, Anna “Annie” Eliza (Backer) Tice (1854-1919), my 3rd great grandmother, died in Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon. According to her death certificate, Anna died from influenza and pericarditis.

Anna (Backer) Tice's Death Certificate
Anna (Backer) Tice’s Death Certificate

Anna was buried on January 3, 1919 in Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery in Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon.

Anna (Backer) Tice's Grave Marker
Anna (Backer) Tice’s Grave Marker

At the time of her death, Anna was married to her second husband, Jonathan Snyder Tice (1843-1923), whom she married in 1905. Jonathan was previously married and the father of seven. Anna was first married to Theodore Frelinghuysen Stearns (1844-1930), with whom she had four children before their divorce in 1901. Little has been discovered about Anna’s early life, moreover. She was born in London, England, and was reportedly brought to America by a governess. It is supposed by family tradition that the Anna listed on her death certificate as her mother may have actually been this governess.

2 thoughts on “94 Years Ago Today

  1. Death certificates have to be looked at carefully. I have seen several in my family that have incorrect information about parents of the deceased. I always look carefully to see who the informant is. In this case, perhaps J. Tice did not know the maiden name of his mother-in-law.

    1. Very true. I have not ruled out the possibility that the Anna on the death certificate is in fact Anna’s mother whose maiden name was Backer. The oral tradition is that Anna was born out of wedlock and that she was the only surviving triplet. As these stories go, she is said to have been the daughter of one of Queen Victoria’s ladies in waiting supposedly named “Lady Catherine.” My research on the subject has found no evidence that any of Queen Victoria’s ladies in waiting had children out of wedlock. Seems very likely that it is just a story. I have not yet found much on this Jno (probably Jonathan) Creswell and his wife Anna, though. I keep thinking they must have come to California, but I am not sure.

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