52 Years Ago Today

On October 20, 1960, fifty-two years ago today, George Edward Kernan (1884-1960), my 2nd great grandfather, died in Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon. According to his death certificate, George died from cardiovascular disease, which had for years, at Graystone Nursing Home in Portland. George was buried four days later on October 24, 1960 at Mount Calvary Cemetery in Portland, the same cemetery where his wife, Maudena Elizabeth “Lizzie” Stearns (1885-1936), was buried twenty-four years earlier. Presently, George’s grave has no headstone or marker.


George was born in 1884 in Missouri the son of Owen Francis Kiernan (1836-1901) and Harriet Rose Dunton (1836-1927). He spent the first decade (or so) of his life in Minnesota, before his parents moved the family to Oregon in the late 1890s. In 1903, George married Maudena Elizabeth “Lizzie” Stearns (1885-1936), with whom he had twelve children, one of which was Delmar Clair Kernan (1908-1979), my great grandfather. Much of George’s working life was spent employed as a pipe-fitter in the shipbuilding industry in Oregon.

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