Genealogy News: Obama and Romney are Related

Genealogy and Politics is back in the news.’s blog is reporting that President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the 2012 Presidential Candidates, are related to one another. Of course, anyone who has followed similar discussions in the past will not be surprised to learn that Presidential Candidates have ancestral connections. In the 2008 Presidential Race, it was reported that Barack Obama and John McCain are cousins. Additionally, it was reported in the 2004 Presidential Race that George W. Bush and John Kerry are cousins.

According to the segment of the post entitled “Obama & Romney are Related?” the two Presidential Candidates “are both direct descendants of King Edward I of England.” Although the post does not spell out each rung of descent from King Edward I for Obama or Romney, it does state that the height of each candidate may be the result of their descent from the 6’2” King of England known as “Longshanks.” (It is worth pointing out, that King Edward I was also the ancestral connection between Obama and John McCain.)

In addition to a shared ancestor, the post presents some other connections the two candidates have in common. They are both cousins to thirteen U.S. American presidents. They both have early American roots. They both have connections to Wild West outlaws, like Billy the Kid and Wild Bill Hickok.  Finally, they both have connections to several celebrities, like Brad Pitt and Elvis Presley for Obama, and Katherine Hepburn and Princess Diana for Romney.

The article, moreover, concludes with a brief discussion of the fact that both candidates’ fathers were foreign-born, with Obama’s father being born in Kenya and Romney’s father being born in Mexico.

To view the post from’s blog, along with a nicely illustrated “Infographic,” please click here.

2 thoughts on “Genealogy News: Obama and Romney are Related

  1. They should have mentioned that Obama is related to Gordon Hinkley who was a president of the Mormon Church. Or maybe to Sarah Palin. Obama has a lot of notable kin.

    1. He does indeed. I was not aware of the Mormon connection in Obama’s tree. It seems that most, if not all, of our Presidents do have a lot of notable kin. I recall that you have read the book about Michelle Obama’s roots, right? Does she have any notable kin?

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