197 Years Ago Today

On October 2, 1815, one hundred and ninety-seven years ago today, Nils Nilsson (1815-?), my 5th great grandfather, was born in Norra Arneby, Sunne Parish, Värmland Co., Värmland Province, Sweden. Nils was the son of Nils Jonsson Svärd (?-?) and Kjersti Olofsdotter (?-?).

Nils married Ingeborg Persdotter (1814-?) in 1840, with whom he had at least six children, the second of which was Kerstin Nilsdotter (1841-1870). Kerstin, who married Lars Magnus Nilsson Stålberg (1842-?), was the mother of Anna Elizabeth Stålberg (1869-1918), who was the mother of Wilhelm Percy Wellin (1895-1977). Wilhelm was the father of my paternal great grandmother, Alice Lucretia Wellin (1916-1985), who married Theodore Alexander Lapham (1910-1955).


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