105 Years Ago Today

Alexander & Julia Balla marriage record

On September 9, 1907, one hundred and five years ago today, Alexander Balla (1886-1950) and Julia Molnar (1885-1962), my 2nd great grandparents, were married in Brooklyn Borough, New York City, Kings Co., New York.

Both Alexander and Julia were born in Eszény, Hungary (now Eseny, Romania). Julia came to the United States in 1902, joining her sister to work as a maid for a family in New York. Alexander came to the United States in about 1904, working aboard the ship to pay for passage. According to oral family history, Alexander and Julia knew each other in Eszény, and were reunited in New York while attending a Hungarian church social in Brooklyn. Oral family history adds that once they were engaged, the family that Julia worked for paid for their wedding because Julia had become so close to the family.

Alexander & Julia Balla later in Life

Following their marriage, they remained in Brooklyn briefly before moving to Rochester, Buffalo, and then LeRoy, New York, where Alexander and Julia ran a boarding house. Following the birth of their fifth child, they moved their family to Pineland, Sabine Co., Texas, where Alexander was a farmer and worked for the railroad in the manufacture of railroad ties. Alexander and Julia had ten children together, eight of which lived to adulthood.

Alexander Balla (1886-1950) and Julia Molnar (1885-1962) were the parents of Irene Vera Balla (1913-2006), my maternal great grandmother, who married Albert Sebok (1903-1968).

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