154 Years Ago Today

Headstone of William H. Thornton

On September 6, 1858, one hundred and fifty-four years ago today, William H. Thornton (1792-1858), my 6th great grandfather, died in DeKalb Co., Missouri, USA at the age of 65. He made is will on September 1, 1858. He was buried in Thornton Cemetery in Clarksdale, DeKalb Co., Missouri.

William was born in 1792 in North Carolina the son of William Thornton (1766-1843) and Martha Ann “Patsy” Owen (1765-?). In 1804, William’s parents moved their family to Madison Co., Kentucky. It was in Kentucky that William met and married Sally Todd (1793-1891), with whom he had nine children. In 1816, William moved his family to Callaway Co., Missouri, as did his parents. He came to live in DeKalb Co., Missouri by 1840, where he was a farmer and saw and grist mill worker.

William H. Thornton (1792-1858) and Sally Todd (1793-1891) are my 6th great grandparents and the grandparents of Mary Elizabeth Thornton (1847-1920), who married John Agee (1839-1912). Mary and John were the grandparents of Lois Beatrice Agee (1897-1983), the wife of Wilhelm Percy Wellin (1895-1977), and mother of Alice Lucretia Wellin (1916-1985), who married Theodore “Ted” Alexander Lapham (1910-1955), my great grandparents.

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