227 Years Ago Today

On September 5, 1785, two hundred and twenty-seven years ago today, David Dunton (ca. 1758-1829) and Polly Stoddard (ca. 1762-1845) published their intentions to marry in Templeton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts. The couple previously published their intentions to marry on September 1, 1785 in Winchendon, Worcester Co., Massachusetts.

David Dunton & Polly Stoddard Intention to Marry 1785

The September 5 date is often cited as the marriage date for David and Polly, though I have not been able to confirm it. Nevertheless, David and Polly appear to have subsequently married on or (mostly likely) after September 5 possibly in Templeton. After their marriage, they briefly remained in Massachusetts before moving to Vermont and then New York, living in Saratoga and Steuben counties.

David Dunton (ca. 1785-1829) and Polly Stoddard (ca. 1762-1845) are my 5th great grandparents, and are direct ancestors of my 3rd great grandmother, Harriet Rose Dunton (1836-1927), who married Owen Francis Kiernan (1836-1901).

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