309 Years Ago Today

On July 14, 1703, three hundred and nine years ago today, John Bigelow (1617-1703), my 9th great grandfather, died in Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, USA.

John, whose name often appears as “John Biglo,” was born in 1617 in Wrentham, Suffolk, England the son of Randall and Jane Beageley. John emigrated from England in about 1632 and settled in Watertown, where he was a blacksmith. He is said to have served in the Pequot War in 1636. In 1642, he married Mary Warren (1624-1691) in Watertown, and had at least thirteen children with her. After Mary’s death, he married Sarah Bemis. His will, dated January 4, 1703, was proved July 23, 1703.

John and his first wife, Mary, are direct ancestors of my 7th great grandmother Deliverance Bigelow (1695-1762) who is, together with her husband John Stearns (ca. 1692-1765), a direct ancestor of my 2nd great grandmother, Maudena Elizabeth “Lizzie” Stearns (1885-1936), who married George Edward Kernan (1884-1960).

2 thoughts on “309 Years Ago Today

  1. I was very excited to read your post today because… my ancestors also come from Wrentham, in Suffolk. You can read about it here:

    I did a series of posts on my maternal side of the family, so you might want to read more of them since we have this in common. I have been to Wrentham several times in my searches for the parentage of my 3 greats maternal grandmother, Mary Chaplin. It is a delightful place. I hope you get to go there one day too.

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