115 Years Ago Today

Lois Wellin (ca. 1960’s)

On June 30, 1897, one hundred and fifteen years ago today, my 2nd great grandmother Lois Beatrice (Agee) Wellin (1897-1983) was born in Wilbur, Douglas Co., Oregon. Lois was the first of four children born to Otto Agee (1868-1904) and Tirzah Stephens (1873-1967).

On December 2, 1914, she married Wilhelm Wellin (1895-1977) in Vancouver, Washington. Together, they had four children, though only three lived to adulthood.

Lois Wellin (ca. 1980’s)

Although I never had the chance to get to know her, I am told by many that she had a bright and happy personality, and a wonderful gift for playing the organ, particularly during family gatherings in Oregon when she would play songs such as “Alley Cat.” Lois passed away in 1983 just before her eight-sixth birthday.

Lois is particularly interesting to me not only because she seems like she was a really fun, full of life person, but because she was born on the same day as me (and my faternal twin brother); and she is one of two 2nd great grandparents and the only 2nd great grandmother that were still alive in my lifetime.

Happy Birthday Great Great Grandma Lois!

2 thoughts on “115 Years Ago Today

  1. She does look like a very happy lady and I’m sure that you and your brother would have loved to know her. Sounds like she had a full life with siblings and children of her own.

    1. She did. 🙂 My Dad liked her a lot. I wish I had a photo of me with her, but she lived in Oregon and never made it down to California in the years between my birth and her death.

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