60 Years Ago Today

An Article about their Marriage (1952)

Sixty years ago today my paternal grandparents were married. On June 28, 1952, William G. Kernan (LIVING), the son of Delmar Kernan (1908-1979) and Maxine Davis (1912-1992), married Margaret Ann Lapham (1936-2004), the daughter of Theodore Lapham (1910-1955) and Alice Wellin (1916-1985), at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Their wedding was reported in The Milwaukie Review,  a local paper in Oregon. The service was held at St. Peter’s in the company of family and friends, and was officiated by Rev. Patrick J. Dooley. Margaret was given away by Willard Graber, her stepfather. She wore, the article states, “a white slipper satin gown with two panels of lace down the front.” Her bouquet was of white orchids, carried upon a white prayer book. The maid of honor was Gloria (Lapham) Graber, Margaret’s older sister. Her bridesmaids were Deldalyn Kreisman, William’s sister, and Carol Morgan, her cousin. William’s best man was Robert Kreisman, his brother-in-law. The ushers were Donald Rowlands, William’s stepbrother, and Calvin Wellin, Margaret’s uncle.

Group Photo taken at their Wedding, from the newspaper article (1952)

William and Margaret met about two years prior to their marriage, when Margaret was babysitting with one of her cousins, whose boyfriend at the time was a friend of William’s. Soon after, they began dating and eventually realized that they were meant to spend their lives together–it was, as William put it, “love at first sight.”

William and Margaret’s marriage went on to last nearly 52 years, raising five children together.

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