Remembering Goldie

Goldie Hamilton (ca. 1960’s)

This past May 15, 2012 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of my maternal great grandmother, Goldia Mae “Goldie” (Worthington) Hamilton (1912-2006).

Goldie was born in Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas the daughter (and only surviving child) of Ernest Jacob Worthington and Mae Josie Gifford. In 1933, she met and married Harry Carl Hamilton, a World War I Vet originally from Ohio who was ten years her senior. Together, they had seven children, five of which lived to adulthood. Soon after the birth of their second child, they left Arkansas for Oklahoma, where she and Harry spent the rest of their lives. She passed away in 2006 at the age of 93.

Goldie’s life was frequently filled with hardships, such as the abandonment of her mother when she was a little girl, living through the Great Depression, loosing two of her seven children soon after their birth (one of which was her only daughter), having a son go to prison, wanting to riase a grandchild but having to watch him be given up for adoption, and the death of her husband when she was only 48. Despite these hardships, Goldie always found a reason to smile and laugh. She found tramendous comfort and joy in simple things, particularly her many pets that she loved very much.

Although I never had the chance to get to know Goldie (she lived so very far away), my Mom has always told me that I would have liked her; and from what I have learned about her I agree. She was a strong person that never let the difficulties and challenges of life keep her from seeing the silver lining in any dark cloud.

Happy (belated) 100th Birthday Great Grandma Goldie!

Click here to visit her Find-A-Grave Memorial page.

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